A few words about me

A few words about me

I was born in Warszaw, Poland. I graduated from PWSM in Warsaw (today’s Music University) with a Master’s Degree in Art. As a flutist, chamber musician, soloist and music teacher I worked in Warsaw (-1981), Mexico (1981-1985), Greece (1985-2011) and Cyprus (2011-2012). Through all those years, I was painting and I participated in many painting exhibitions. From 2012 to present, I live in Warsaw and I’m continuing my work as a painter.

Since my childhood, these two art forms accompanied me in my life. Parallel to the studies of classical music, I followed “free studies” in painting. Perhaps this form of study caused that I was led by instinct and not what is allowed or not, thus my paintings are characterized by a unique authenticity.

Painting is the fullfillment of my deep personal need to communicate collected life inspiration, emotions and moments. My paintings are a continuation of my musical life. A move from being a “re-enactor” to the role of a “creator”, since I treat my paintings as compositions. While presenting my work on exhibitions, I feel like during my own recital, and if what I do appeals to the recipients, if they share a little of what I feel, it gives me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

I invite you to view my porfolio.